Je suis prêt.

Truth #1: I originally planned out this blog, down to the title, logo and very last tee, over one year ago, and I am just now getting around to doing it.

Truth #2: I have not “gone” to Bali quite yet, but I plan to, just not in the immediate future. This blog will encompass the entire process — from saving, to selling why [a RTW trip] is a good idea to my parents (not that I need their permission), to planning the whole damned thing and, well, to Bali.

Truth #3: I don’t know French (read: the title “Je suiz prêt” or “I am ready” for all y’all non-French speaking folk), but I am learning. I know only tidbit of Spanish (3 years in HS). And other than the sporadic one-minute language podcasts (more on that later), I have no plans to try my hand (er.. tongue?) at any other language (or so I say now).

Truth #4: Come hell or high water, I will travel.

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