Infographic: RTW Travel Budget

It’s 12am, Saturday, June 23, and I am not $79 worse for wear, which means I didn’t purchase the swoop for an online TESOL/TEFL certification. In theory, it’d be a great idea– supplementing my travel expenses (or at least some of them) to cut back on the overall cost– but I don’t think this program was what I was looking for.

According to my friend, some teaching opportunities are year round and, though you’re abroad, you definitely don’t have the opportunity to travel as I’d like to. Ideally, if I were to teach English, I’d like to do it for about three months or so, not a year. That and I checked some reviews, and this particular program seemed like kind of a scam. So, dear readers, be advised!

Sadly, this means I’m still back a square one without a plan, not a dollar to spare, yet full of hope and longing.

I guess that, in order to take that step, I need to know what direction I’m heading in. Exactly how much does one need to travel the world? 10,000? 15,000? 20,000?

After telling my friend about my dreams to travel the world (yes, I’ve told people!), she told me about this RTW travel budget infographic she’d stumbled across (why hadn’t I thought of looking one up before?!). This particular couple (from managed to travel for an entire year on apprx. $15,000 per person (compared, however, to another who spent closer to $20k).

Arguably, this couple is on the lower end of the scale. To avoid costs, they cut down on things like fancy meals and air fare, opting to bike when possible. But as I said a little big ago, you’ve got to start somewhere.


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