My Kind of, Sort of Travels

Writing hasn’t been happening much of late — in case you couldn’t tell. Neither has saving.

I have, however, been traveling. Traveling for work, but traveling nonetheless. This week, I spent four days in Pennsylvania and Jersey for a client’s annual broker meeting. Luckily, I was able to sneak out explore a little in-between all the boozin’ n’ schmoozin’ and Powerpoint slides.


It was OK. Sadly, we didn’t have much of an opportunity to explore. We spent less than 24 hours in the state altogether. It was also raining. I didn’t get to see much of Philly, but we did drive through downtown Reading (oh boy!) and stop at a boutique-y pretzel shop.

Overall, it was wooded and, well, flooding.


Can you say “GTL”, cause I can. Oh boy, oh boy.

The rest of our week was spent in Atlantic City where we were fortunate enough (at least in my opinion) to have a few hours to get out each day.

Seeing that I’m training for a half-marathon, I was “good” and actually ran on Wednesday along a the wetlands on a walking path. It was gorgeous, straight up Nicholas Sparks East Coast romance gorgeous.


Though I didn’t find the rest of Atlantic City particularly attractive, I did enjoy myself. I was out of the office. I was exploring. I was wandering up and down the Boardwalk in search of koozies and $5 Casino War tables. It was fabulous. Even the part where I was busy “working” was fabulous.

Some people say it’s cause I never travel, I say it’s cause I’m a restless soul, but I LOVED IT. Love.

Here’s hoping I can save a little more, travel a little more and (well) live a little more in the coming months. Right now, I’m looking at plane flights to visit my brother next month.

Ciao —


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