A girl with a plan

I’m stuck in a permanent state of wanderlust. In the past year, I’ve left my old job – the root of much unhappiness and discontent — for a new one and managed to travel to a number of far off and amazing places. Throughout this past year, I’ve jetted off to Banff, New York City, Rhode Island, Alaska, Montreal along with Budapest and Amsterdam (for all of one day).

Writing it all down, it certainly seems impressive, and it was. It just wasn’t enough.

I’ve always lusted for more. Experiencing one city, getting lost in its culture, isn’t enough. I want to see them all.

Now, realizing you really do only live once (can I get a YOLO?!?), I’m beginning to plan out my own RTW trip. I’d love to incorporate my love of and interest in wine, but more on that later. For now, I’m challenging myself to a New Years resolution of saving not spending. The end game being that I depart for my travels January 2015.

Fingers crossed that I succeed. Leading up to the new year, I’ve started budgeting (new for me), looked into opening a Simple account and taken a good hard look at paying down my debt (not that that accomplished anything).

2015 – a year of wanderlust and adventuring — here I come.


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