Motivational Monday – Destination Bali.

Map of Bali

Photo Cred: Wikipedia

I’m not quite sure when my love affair with Bali began. I suppose, as cliche as it may sound, that part of it goes back to the beautiful, vivid scenery depicted in Eat. Pray. Love. And again when the movie came out.

At first, one might think Bali is a weird fit for me. It’s zen, quiet (parts of it, at least), tranquil. I, however, tend not to be. Like many others, I suffer from a slight case of FOMO – Fear of Missing Out, and the thought that I may be willing to miss out on all the action may seem quite odd for me.

But then again, I’m also a huge introvert at heart. I love – no, need — my solidarity. I crave those reset days where not much is involved. I’m perfectly content exploring foreign cities on my own. I’m OK with being alone.

When I see photos of or read about Bali from other bloggers, the yoga-er in me from summers past begins to bubble to the surface and my inner introvert wants to break free.

I’m not sure all that I will do or see there. It may be a little; it may be a lot. I might find myself there at a particular time when I need it the most. When I need peace and serenity. When I need Bali.

* This is not to say that I completely unaware of the sad fact that Bali may not be all that I want it to be. I am aware. I have read the warnings from other like-minded travelers, and I know it may not be all that I crack it up to be. But, hey, a girl can dream.

2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Destination Bali.

  1. I want to go to Bali also! You know, there was a period when I wanted to go to Europe so badly, but didn’t have any money. Then I made a jar (I was a waitress so cash was often available) and I put x amount of money in the jar whenever I passed it to save up! I’m sure you’ll get to Bali before you know it and depending on how long you want to go there for, there’s tons of ways you could work out there, which could help you earn something to live off of in exchange for the experience. Good luck and thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks, Erin! I actually have already begun doing just that. I’ve had to force myself to use cash more often as a result, but it’s all for the sake of Bali (and other travels, of course). So far this year, I’ve been doing two different money saving challenges (one with my spare change, the other with extra dollars). I end up just throwing in whatever extra change I have anyways. If I’m feeling down, even just halfway through the month (I’ll make a deposit each month), I count the jar, and it perks me right back up!

      Fingers crossed that you’ll get your Bali trip someday too!

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