Motivational Monday: Napa

Despite it’s not-so worldly status, Napa has, for a long time, been on my travel to do list. I thought that I was going to be able to scratch it off the list this year, but it’s looking less and less like it’s going to happen. I haven’t yet decided if I should share the long sob story that goes along with my almost trip that wasn’t, but just know after many conversations with girlfriends scattered far and wide along with many budget re-overs, it’s better I pull the plug.


Image Source: Vine Talk

Why Napa? Well, of course , I would love to someday go to the esteemed vineyards of France and Italy, among others. Napa and Sonoma, however, have always been just out of reach. Coming from a wino family, holidays and family get-togethers just don’t happen without bottles and bottles of wine. Wine and food, that is.


Image Source: This Is My Happiness

Until recently, my aunt and uncle were living in Southern California, and we would often frequent local wineries and tasting rooms. It was bliss. Coupled with my interest in the liquid, it’s no wonder that I’d love to someday visit all of the major (and minor) wine-producing a regions of the world. Whether it’s sooner or later, Napa will happen.

Have you been to Napa and Sonoma? What were your favorite vineyards? If not, which vineyards are you hoping to visit?

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