Feeling Stuck.

I have a confession to make: I have absolutely no idea what to write about. It’s not like I’m, oh I don’t know, traveling. I can’t appeal to your similar love of travel (or at least I assuming you love travel as much as I do) with lust-worthy photos of exotic locales. I can’t tell you where to dine in Singapore, or where to crash in Mozambique (though, stay tuned for a future #MotivationalMonday thanks to this here article from Fodor’s).

Watching the sun rise on my way to Amsterdam

If only… – LG Instagram

I have trouble narrowing down my travel-minded bucket list to a sensible number — let’s say, less than one hundred — to share and discuss. I want to see it all. I want to do it all — OK, maybe not all…

It’s hard. Talking about travel when you know you’re still a year plus out, when you’ve been a year plus out for as long as this blog has been around. I suppose in some regards I may have started Girl Gone Bali prematurely, but in the back of my mind, it’s always been there, the narrative for this here site. Every where I go, everything I do.


Croissants the size of your face – Instagram

I want to travel. I want to see the world. I want to feel fat with happiness in France, eating croissants everyday (and most likely becoming quite fat in the process). I want Bali.

And then I realize that I talk about wanting and hoping and wishing so much that I must sound like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. So I start doing. Little by little, I back out of sugar-themed bar crawls (because who wants the cavities) and canceling reservations to fancy restaurants (granted, they were for Chicago Restaurant Week), and I start saving. I start doing. I stop wishing and start planning.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Stuck.

  1. Start saving up! Honestly, spending money on travel is the best money spent. It’ll be so worth it when you’re there. So even if you feel a bit stuck at the moment, just remember you’ll be on your way soon! X

    • Thanks, Kelly! I’ve managed to save a bit more than I was originally expecting this month (yaaay!). I’m looking forward to seeing the trend continue over the next year #fingerscrossed.

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