Volunteering at Hostels? Who knew?!

I learned something new yesterday. Actually, I learned two somethings new yesterday. I learned, through a friend, that there is indeed a hostel (actually a few) here in the great city of Chicago (because, well, why wouldn’t there be one), AND that you can sign-up to volunteer at said hostel.

This whole discovery spurred from a group chat about CouchSurfing. Through blogging, I know bits and tidbits about CS, but I’ve never actively used it. I would consider hosting, if I didn’t have a roommate to share the concerns with (plus, it’s mostly her stuff furnishing the apartment). For the time being, I keep an eye on most CS events happening in the city and hope to take full advantage of it in the future. So, of course, I recommended CS to my friend, letting her know that though i have never used it, many of my online buddies have.

I have digressed a wee bit.


The hostel: Hosteling International‘s Chicago location, HI-Chicago, is located just steps away from the urban mecca of Chicago — The Art Institute, Willis Tower (or is it Sears? I always get it confused…), Millenium Park / the “Bean,” Lake Michigan and more. If barhopping is less your scene, it really is a pretty spot on location.

And guess what, I/you can volunteer there. When I found this out, I got really excited — beyond really excited. In an instant I knew that I wanted to learn more about this, that I wanted to do it. So I’m signing up. Because why not? I’m not traveling for another year, but in the mean time, I can make friends from far off continents. I can experience my city as a tourist again, and share the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired (just don’t ask me if it’s Willis or Sears tower).

If being a tour guide isn’t my/your thing, they also have volunteer opportunities with their community outreach programs. There’s always more to do:


Ultimately, it will be my something to help get my through these next few (many) months until I can embark on adventure of my own. It’s also just down the street from my office, which is a perk, and this is, of course, all assuming they want me in return.

Wish me luck!

What do you do / have you done to appease your sense of wanderlust in the months leading up to your big adventure?


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