Motivational Monday: Iceland

Have you ever read Wild by Cheryl Strayed? In it, she recounts her decisions leading up to and her experiences hiking the PCT solo. I am not a hiker, so I doubt that I would ever embark on such a trip, but I am in a constant status of feeling stuck. Standing in line at an REI, Cheryl randomly picks up a book on hiking the PCT, and within in a few days she’s made her decision to do it.

Today, I stumbled across a book on the top destinations to see before you die. This was not a thin book. It was fat with beautiful destinations, intriguing cultures, and daring adventures. Flipping through the pages, I would stop at random and soon I realized that I had yet to visit any of the places. None of them. And here I considered myself and somewhat traveled person.

Today’s #MotivationMonday is the desolate, yet stunning, Iceland. From photos, I’ve always been in awe of the landscape, and I was incredulously jealous when the Bachelorette lot from a few seasons back got to visit (yes, I just pulled a Bachelorette reference). A friend asked me just this last week if I’d like to go. Of course,  I would LOVE to, but the timing most likely won’t work out. Nevertheless, Iceland will be on the list for my own RTW adventures.

I mean, how can you not want to see this in person:

P.S. Iceland always was my favorite country to call dibs on in Risk. I’m not sure if that was the most strategic decision or not, but I stand by my loyalty.


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