Love from the Very First Snowflake

Love. An eternal theme to countless novels, TV shows and, of course, movies. A driving force that can bring out the best in us. The emotion we spend forever chasing.

Valentine’s Day – one of my favorite holidays, even as a single lady – is around the corner, and I’m spending my evening catching up on the long list of TiVo’d rom-com type shows: The Bachelor. Nashville. Vampire Diaries. (Insert the name of really any teeny type show). Naturally, love is on my mind.

We can do funny things for love. I may not have found the love of my life yet, but that doesn’t mean my life has been filled with people and things that I love: my friends, my family, my dog. But it wasn’t until I first walked down the streets of a snowy Chicago that I fell in love with a city I would soon call home.

I’ve learned a lot about who I am here in Chicago, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this city, even after I depart for bigger and better things:

Chicago Love

Things I love most about Chicago:

The skyline. Drinks at The Signature Lounge. The Blackhawks. The Cubbies.

Lake Shore Path. The Water. Chinatown.

Ultimately, no matter the weather, a perfect day can always be had in Chicago. Despite the frigid cold we’ve been plagued with for the last few weeks (insert long moan here), I’ve still managed to have a great time this winter. Craft beer. Disney on Ice (not kidding). Skeeball shenanigans. Fun nights with friends and countless new experiences.

That all being said, I CANNOT wait for temperatures to consistently rise above 40 degrees.

What do you love most about your city?


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