Planning: Oh the places I may go…

Though busy saving, I haven’t yet dived into the nitty gritty world of planning. I will admit that I am scared. I am scared of failure and that I may, in fact, be going in over my head. For those who I’ve mentioned my travel dreams to, there seem to be two camps: the “that will be fucking awesome” one and the “we’ll believe it when we see it” one. 

At this point, I think 99.9% of my friends and family (again, of those I’ve actually told) fall into the latter. They may phrase it in an OMG-that-would-be-fucking-awesome tone, but all the while, I can hear the doubt laced between each syllable. 

Each penny that I save is another brick in the road to my RTW travels. And with that comes the rough ideas that will form into plans. Something, I suppose, that may initially look a little like this:


And to think that is just a very, very rough draft based off the things I know more for certain than others. As you can see, I plan to leave from SEA following my brothers wedding in June of 2015. From there, I’d like to spend a good chunk of time getting to know Asia, from China and Japan to all the islands of SE Asia, followed by a trip to the vast Down under. 

After that, I really have no idea where I would be headed until the following August. Yes, I am planning to crash Rio for the 2016 Olympics, and yes, I’m fully aware that will kill my budget for the entire trip. I have my reasons (which you will most likely find out sooner, rather than later). 

So there you have it. My first official go at planning this massive, 15-month endeavor, and holy shit, do I have a ways to go!

What do you think — are there any places you recommend I add to the agenda? Any places that I should avoid?  



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